Why we use 100% organic cotton

We care for the environment. Sustainability is a very important matter in our point of view, and we want to contribute to the important case. Clothing is not just clothing. It puts a footprint on the environment every time it is being produced. Our aspiration is to help reduce this environmental footprint, by using 100% organic cotton to produce our designs. Organic cotton has a lot of benefits in this regard; No toxic chemicals are used in the growing of organic cotton, which has the result that the producing does not damage the soil, and has less impact on the air. It also uses less water and energy. Besides sustainability, the quality of our clothes is really important for us. Organic cotton is skin friendly due to the 0 toxic chemicals. Especially people suffering from allergies will benefit from this, but in general the soft material will feel better on your skin too. We want to create only the best for our customers while focusing on sustainability, and that is the reason why we use 100% organic cotton. 

Benefits from organic cotton: 

  • Better for the environment 
  • Uses 88% less water 
  • Promotes better working conditions 
  • Does not use GMO
  • No use of toxic chemicals 
  • More skin friendly experience